Imachemton™ - Fluoro Elastomer Tube (FKM)

Imachemton™ - Fluoro Elastomer Tube (FKM)

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Imachemton is fluoropolymer tubing (popularly known as Viton tubing) especially designed for highly corrosive chemicals and solvents used in pharmaceutical industries. It is manufactured in dedicated controlled environment to comply critical food and pharma grade standards. 

Imachemton Characteristics: 

1. Excellent resistance to alcohols, acids, halogenated solvents (Ex. IPA MDC).

2. Greater flame and fire resistance.

3. Service temperature -15

4. Available in 60 Shore A 70 Shore A hardness.

5. Available in black and Off-White color.

6. Double polybag packaged in standard pack size of 25 mtr (custom packing sizes available).

7. Extractable Leachable data available upon request.

8. Phthalate free. 

Imachemton Applications: 

1. Food and Beverages Industries 

2. Transfer of Corrosive solvents like IPA,MDC in Pharma Industries 

3. High Temperature fluid transfer 

4. Fluorinated chemical transfer 

5. Peristaltic pump application in pharma industries 

6. Fuel and Oil Industries  

NOTE: Price vary as per ID & OD of TUBE. Kindly email or call us for best available rate. 

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